21 Sep, 2023
SHG Programme
It’s a small voluntary association of poor people, preferably from same socio- economic background. They come together for the purpose of solving their common problems through self help and mutual help. The SHG promotes small savings among its members. The savings are kept with bank.

India has not yet recovered itself by the thoughts of discrimination between men and women. Women empowerment is the biggest issue at here, especially on those tribe areas where women are just a medium to take care of children and to cook food under a strict rules and regulations. Here is strongly need to make women empowered. Janmitram is concerned with women empowerment since its inception. It has been working for women development as SHG groups in 8 blocks of Raigarh district. Total 659 SHG/SHPI are existing in these areas, which is formed by Janmitram.

Ravi Cooperative
Ravi cooperative is a promoted institution by Janmitram, which intervenes among backward and disadvantaged communities by rising awareness/ skills, and bringing ability to recognizing better opportunities, offered by our great democratic nation.

It was formed to assist SHGs and rural people for financial help, and bring them to financial inclusion for inclusive growth. The institution is providing financial support to 659 SHGs in 8 blocks of Raigarh district, operated by Janmitram.

Beti Bachao
Save the Girl child campaign (PC-PNDT Act Awareness Programme)
Census 2011 has shown a steep decline in 0-6 age group’s sex ratio in Raigarh district. We in JanMitram analyzed the district-wise details of child sex ratio and a campaign was planned for rise awareness for saving the girl child. It was noted that Raigarh city has highest skewed sex ratio, and highest number of ultrasound clinics. A survey was conducted and it emerged that many ultrasound clinic owners compromise processional ethics and also violate PC-PNDT (pre conception and pre natal diagnostic techniques) Act. RTI replies depicted many norms are not followed in licensing and reporting. Thus a special programme was started to advocate the cause. MoHFW-GOI supported it.

Initially a campaign through media was launched that bring out the deficiencies in implementation of act. A Series of general discussion was organized with politicians, media personals, police and lawyers and Doctors itself. A Beti Bachao Manch was formed with prominent personalities of Raigarh who represented the cause to authorities. Simultaneous campaign to aware general public, community leaders, teachers and youth was launched.

Continue campaign exerted great pressure on authorities and clinic owners. This resulted in complete reorganization of district PC-PNDT committee, which approves registration of ultrasound clinics. Authorities raided few clinics, where one was sealed and two were fined. Few registrations were dropped. Reporting in “Form F” become important for doctors. Record keeping and display of remigration etc, now seems to be followed in proper manner.

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