03 Mar, 2024
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Wide array of our services demands professionals of different field to carry out operations on day by day basis. We need energetic people, who have a burning desire to fight against social evils, poverty and all those issues we have incorporated in our vision and mission.

“Friends of People” at Janmitram (We prefer not to say EMPLOYEE) are supported with Honorarium (we prefer not to say SALARIES) that is adequate for there sustenance and meet expenses.

Those interested for jobs at Janmitram must understand that they can find better job and salaries elsewhere, what we offer is pain and empathy for poor, 24X7. Those interested can send there resume at janmitram@gmail.com
Jan Mitram welcomes volunteering of like minded people. Professionals of various field can support our livelihood programs with there knowledge and networking.

Youngsters who want to spare the part and period of life for society, can come and spend a few days serving those who are underprivileged . This support could help one to understand the life and vulnerability of such people, find out the ways, what and how you would do something when you come back to your place.

Student and research scholars are also invited. While doing there studies and research, they many a times help us to take a fresh look to our interventions and finding out new perspectives over issues we deal.
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